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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

Listen, learn, love and laugh as part of God's family

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Our teachers are Mrs Kelsall (Monday to Wednesday and Friday) and Mrs Jennings (Thursday)

We are helped by Mrs Hole and Ms Leigh.



Curriculum planning for Summer Term

Easter Gardens

We have loved making our Easter gardens today. We thought very carefully about where Jesus' tomb should go and where to place the cross. Look at all the beautiful flowers we have used to represent new life. We even kept the classroom tidy whilst we worked!! 

Today we were scientists investigating materials that absorb water. We used lots of amazing scientific vocabulary!

We have been investigating Old Toys, how they work and what they are made out of. We have had lots of fun exploring and playing with them.

We have been looking at our own toys, what they are made out of and why we like them so much! We chose some of our favourites to draw and write about.

Our Toys

Today we had lots of fun investigating wind in science. We tested different materials to find the best one for making a wind sock. We found out tissue paper was the best. We then made our wind socks and took them outside to try out. It wasn't very windy today!!

Looking for signs of winter! The ice and frost were very easy to spot!!

All dressed up as Victorian children, we went to the Judges' Lodgings to learn about how Victorian children would have celebrated Christmas. First we met Father Christmas who showed us what a Victorian child would get in their Christmas stocking - an orange, an apple, a lump of coal, some salt, a penny and a lovely marble. Then the Victorian governess showed us how to make cornucopias in the school room and then the maid taught us how to make Christmas puddings! We finished it off by playing some Victorian parlour games which we loved! The children looked wonderful in their outfits and were so well behaved - Well done Year 1.

Well today started off a little differently! We came into the classroom to discover a crime scene! Someone, or something, had been in our classroom in the night and had made a mess in the small world area! The scene had been sealed off by a detective but he was so busy he asked us to investigate. We collected some evidence and started to make some predictions. Later in the day we received an email from the 3 Little pigs to say they had been chased off by the Big Bad Wolf and they were very sorry they had left a mess! Thank goodness we solved the case! 

Thank you Ma'am

Remembering Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We coloured candles and wrote prayers to add to our prayer tree. We also enjoyed a book about her and how her faith helped her through her life.

We enjoyed PE with our sports coach, Mike, today. He will be coming in and leading our sessions for the rest of term.

In science today we began looking at the human body. We sang songs, played games of 'Simon says' and then went out onto the playground to draw round bodies. We then played a fun game jumping on different body parts of our chalk bodies. We used our brains and moved our bodies!!

In RE we are learning about Creation. We were challenged to become creators and could use a variety of resources. Look at our wonderful creations! We also had a fabulous discussion about how it felt and we used the words 'proud', 'happy' and 'excited'. Wonderful work Year 1!

The information below relates to the academic year 2021_22 or earlier

We had a fantastic day out in the Lakes! We travelled on a bus, steam train and a boat as part of our Transport Topic. We even managed to fit in a trip to the Aquarium too! We had great fun and learned a lot too. Quite a few members of the public stopped to tell us how impressed they were with the behaviour of the class! Super proud of you Year 1! :)

A Fantastic Day out in the Lakes!

If you are celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee over the holidays, why not take a photograph and we can put it up in our classroom. Have lots of fun!

A fantastic Platinum Jubilee Party! We had loads of fun.

Today we have been exploring toys from the past. We have been looking at what they are made out of and how they are different to modern toys.

We have made a great start with our topic work all about Toys  Past and Present. The children brought their own favourite toy into school and talked about why it is special, what it is made out of and how they enjoy playing with it. The photos say it all! What lovely smiles! 

Our Favourite Toys


As part of our topic on seasonal change we have been investigating wind. We looked at what wind socks do and investigated the best type of material to use. We ranked them in order from best to worse and used the best material, tissue paper, to make our own wind socks. We enjoyed trying them out in the playground.