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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

Listen, learn, love and laugh as part of God's family

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Our teachers are Mrs Jennings (Mon - Wed a.m.) and Mrs Taylor (Wed p.m. - Fri)

We are helped by Miss Cooper.

Year 1 Curriculum Information

Easter Gardens


You have been so busy designing, growing and building your Easter gardens at home. We have loved seeing your creative interpretations and you have remembered to include the important symbols of the Easter story and signs of new life. Don't forget on Easter Sunday to roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb, just like it did on the very first Easter Sunday. Well done everyone. smiley

Signs of Spring


So many of you have found lots of signs of spring. I love seeing all the new life coming through in our wonderful world. What can you spot in these fabulous photographs and work that you have been sending in?

Today, in science, we looked at a strange material. We had to use our detective skills to work out what it was. We smelled it, felt it, listened to it and observed it. We guessed that it could be sugar, salt, washing powder and white sand. Then we decided to add water and we couldn't believe turned into SNOW! We had a great play with it and then wondered what would happen if we tried to colour it. We added blue paint to it and we got blue snow!

Today we enjoyed a visit from Diana from Niscu to help us with our Jesus is Special Re topic. We listened, watched and acted out different stories from the Bible that show us how special Jesus was and how he changed people's lives.

We looked for signs of winter in our walk in the nature area today.

Year 1 fantastic maths!

We looked for signs of autumn on our walk today. We are going to look to see the changes that happen to some of our trees as the seasons change.

Year 1 classroom. Don't we work hard?!

Today in RE we became CREATORS. Look at all the wonderful things we have created.

The information below is from Year 1 2018-19
Lakeside Spectacular

African Drumming

Today, as part of World Week, we had a go at African Djembe drumming. 

Fruit Kebabs


Today we made fruit kebabs. We used safe chopping techniques called the bridge hold and the claw grip to make sure that we were able to cut our fruit safely. I think you'll agree that they look delicious!

Sunrise Cocktails
This week we used skills in measuring to make our own cocktails. 
Andy Goldsworthy Art
Year 1 have had a wonderful time creating Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculptures using natural materials from the 'great outdoors'.
World Book Day
Year 1 had a great time dressing up for World Book Day today. We dressed up as characters from all types of books ranging from books by David Walliams to Marie Hedderwick. Some of us also brought in the books that we had come as characters from and we shared these with each other, explaining why we would recommend them. 
RE: Signs of Spring. 
Today in RE we have been looking for signs of Spring and as you can see we found lots!!! With weather like this it feels like it,s here already. What a lovely day to be outside! 
Themed Dance Day
We have had a great time learning a new dance today, linked to our Topic of Toys. 
Baking Christmas Biscuits
We have been busy baking biscuits for the Christmas Fair today. Please come and visit our biscuit decorating stall at the Christmas Fair Friday 28th December - straight after school!
Judges' Lodgings

Year 1 have had a fantastic time at Judges Lodgings this afternoon! 

It has been such a lot of fun dressing up in our Victiorian outfits and learning all about the ways that Victorians celebrated Christmas.  

The afternoon began with a visit to the house cook, who taught us how to make Christmas pudding. We learnt  all about the little trinkets that went into the pudding, and found out what each of them meant. We then stirred the pot three times and made a Christmas wish!

Next, we visited a Victorian classroom, where we sat at old wooden desks and copied work from a chalk board. We then made cornucopias, which the Christmas helpers later filled with sweets!

Finally, there was a very special surprise - it was Father Christmas! He sat us all down and talked to us about Christmas' he had remembered from long ago and showed us the inside of a Victorian child's stocking. The simple stocking looked just like a big long sock but inside it contained some small gifts. Father Christmas explained that each of the gifts represented a wish. There was a piece of coal, to represent the gift of warmth, an apple, to signify good health, an orange, as little something special, and a penny, offered as a wish of wealth for the year. He then asked what we would like for Christmas and made sure that everything we asked for was added to his list.

The afternoon ended with carols around the tree, as we were joined by Father Christmas and all of the people that had made our day so special.

This week in Maths we have been measuring using uniform non-standard and standard units. 

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