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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

Listen, learn, love and laugh as part of God's family

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Our teachers are Mrs Kelsall (Monday and Wednesday to Friday) and Mrs Thwaites (Tuesday)

We are helped by Mrs Walker.



Welcome back to Year One. We have been back a couple of weeks now and the children have settled into their new classroom routines beautifully. We have already started our work on The Three Pigs and the children are working hard to create their own alternative versions of the stories and present them in pop-up book form! We are looking forward to seeing the finished results.

We have also been learning about our Village and School and are planning a walk around our local area in the near future. Some pictures should appear on the website following the walk.

We are still missing Mrs Hole as our TA (hopefully she will be rejoining us after Christmas) so please be patient with us if the books are not changed on time or accidently the same book comes home twice, we are all trying our best to fit everything in.

The children are brilliant, well behaved, listen well and work hard - what more could we ask! :) We are looking forward to a really good year ahead.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please just drop us an email and we will do our best to answer them.


Today we visited St Luke's Church where Rev. Susan held a baptismal service for us. The children had a great time participating and asking questions. Well done Harriet and Arlo, as parents and Esmae/ Kinglsey as God parents. We named the baby Rosie.

We have had great fun making our Easter Gardens. We thought about making the hill where Jesus died and putting the three crosses on top. We added a path to show the journey they made to the tomb and then we put a stone in front of the 'tomb'. We then decorated our gardens with flowers and moss. The children did a great job.

A fantastic time celebrating World Book Day - the children wore some amazing costumes and wrote about their favourite characters.

A great start to our new topic all about Toys. We enjoyed looking at our toys, describing them, writing about them and then, of course, playing with them!

An beautiful day exploring Leighton Hall and learning all about how children would celebrate Christmas in the Victorian times.

Our Village Walk

The sun was shining today as we did our Village walk (linked to our Topic work). We looked at buildings in our village and talked about the street furniture we could see. Lots of questions asked and discussion about what things were. The children noticed so much more than they would normally see. Well done Year One

The Class of 2022/2023

A brilliant day celebrating our school being open for 60 years. Great costumes from across the decades children!!

Fantastic school trip to Leighton Moss.

Today we visited Leighton Moss Nature Reserve and had a brilliant day looking at Minibeasts on land and in ponds. We learned lots of new facts about Minibeasts and even the grownups learned some new things too! We even got to make some houses for the little green elves!!

The dinnertime was especially eventful as we had lots of visits from ducks wanting our food! Rachel, our leader, told us that they don't like bread but prefer frozen peas!! Who knew!!! Lots of sunshine, lots of learning and excellent behaviour from all of the children - well done Year 1


Easter Gardens

We have loved making our Easter gardens today. We thought very carefully about where Jesus' tomb should go and where to place the cross. Look at all the beautiful flowers we have used to represent new life. We even kept the classroom tidy whilst we worked!! 

We have been looking at our own toys, what they are made out of and why we like them so much! We chose some of our favourites to draw and write about.

Well today started off a little differently! We came into the classroom to discover a crime scene! Someone, or something, had been in our classroom in the night and had made a mess in the small world area! The scene had been sealed off by a detective but he was so busy he asked us to investigate. We collected some evidence and started to make some predictions. Later in the day we received an email from the 3 Little pigs to say they had been chased off by the Big Bad Wolf and they were very sorry they had left a mess! Thank goodness we solved the case! 

Thank you Ma'am

Remembering Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We coloured candles and wrote prayers to add to our prayer tree. We also enjoyed a book about her and how her faith helped her through her life.