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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

Listen, learn, love and laugh as part of God's family

Who's Who

Mr P. Bowden Head teacher


Foundation Stage

Mrs G. Cunningham FS and KS1 Phase leader and Reception Class teacher


Key Stage 1

Mrs R. Kelsall Year 1 Class teacher (Mon and Wed / Fri) 

Mrs S Thwaites Year 1 Class teacher (Tues)

Mrs D. Taylor Year 2 Class teacher (Mon - Thurs)

Mrs J Jennings   Year 2 Class teacher  (Fri)


Key Stage 2

Mrs J Jennings Year 3 Class teacher (Mon - Tues)
Mrs S Gregory Year 3 Class teacher (Wed - Fri) and KS2 Phase leader

Mrs H Winder Year 4  Class teacher (Mon / Tues / Wed a.m.) and MFL teaching in KS2

Mr. M Forde Year 4 Class teacher (Wed p.m / Thurs / Fri) 

Mrs K. Waterhouse Year 5 Class teacher and school SENco (SENCo time = Wednesday)

Mrs J Jennings Year 5 SENCo / PPA cover

Mr D. Atkinson Deputy Headteacher and Year 6 (Beech) Class teacher

Mrs E Pennington Year 6 (Oak) Class teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs M Towers            EYFS / Reception

Ms H Carter               EYFS (1:1 SEN support)

Mrs A Walker             Year 1 (Class and SEN support)

Mrs N Hole                Year 1

Mrs E Chippendale    Year 2 a.m.   / Year 3 p.m. (Class and SEN support)


Mrs V Burrow       Year 3 a.m. / EYFS p.m (SEN support)

Mrs E Overfield    Year 3 a.m. / KS2 support p.m.

Mrs J Savage       Year 4 (Mon - Fri a.m. + Wed / Thurs p.m.)

Mrs K Bennett      Year 5 and KS2 Intervention (Mon - Wed)

Mrs E Ashwin       Year 5 (Class and SEN support) a.m.

Mrs A North          Year 6 (Mon - Fri a.m. + mon / Tues / Fri p.m.)


Office staff

Mrs C Lindsay  (School Business Manager)

Mrs J Howard  ( School Business Support Officer - LTA ) 


Before and After School Club

Manager Before and After school club : Mrs A Metcalfe

Mrs M Towers

Mrs E Chippendale

Mrs J Winder

Mrs P Nickson 


Lunchtime Staff

Lunchtime superviser: Mrs L Overfield

Mrs. A Metcalfe

Mrs. E Chippendale

Mrs. J Winder

Mrs. P Nickson

Ms.  N McLelland

Mrs. A North