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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

Listen, learn, love and laugh as part of God's family


Developing Spirituality


According to Rebecca Nye, spirituality can be defined as relational awareness. 
That means awareness of my relationship with:
Self (being a unique person and understanding self-perception)

Others (how empathy, concern, compassion and other values and principles 
affect relationships)

World and Beauty (perceiving and relating to the physical and creative world 
through responses to nature and art)

Beyond – (relating to the transcendental and understanding experiences and 
meaning outside the ‘everyday’)

We seek to express Christian spirituality through collective worship and in the daily life of our school. We promote a loving awareness of God, the world around us and our part within it. 

Worship allows children and adults opportunity to reflect on BIG questions / learn more about themselves and God and how they can live with others in community – thus developing themselves as spiritual beings.

The theologically rooted Christian vision shapes the planning, organisation and delivery of worship. This is done in consultation with the vicar.

We plan ensuring that all Christian times and seasons are celebrated and there is opportunity to reflect on different aspects of the Bible (God’s Big Story) and its application especially the life of Jesus.

Collective worship has a clear focus on Christian values and seeks to encourage children and adults to grow in their knowledge of 
themselves and how they interact positively with others and the wider world.

All are welcomed into worship whatever their background and family beliefs. There is an open and welcoming space to grow.
Children with SEN are supported to take an active involvement. 

Resources used are inclusive and challenge stereotypes. Images reflect all genders / cultures and as wide a cross section of society as possible. This links to the Diocesan EDJ strategy.

Development of class worship including opportunities for prayer has helped developed spirituality. One child remarked ‘we get time to think and share our views’ (Weekly class worships uses material prepared by the HT/Worship lead including opportunities for prayer and reflection)

 Development of the outdoor prayer space (2023 →) is allowing children further space to reflect and grow.