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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

Listen, learn, love and laugh as part of God's family

Reception 2022 - 23

Welcome to the Reception Class of 2022

Hello, I am Mrs Cunningham, the class teacher and our Classroom assistant is Miss Bland. Both of us work full time in Reception, although I work from home on a Tuesday afternoon, when Miss Bland is helped by Mrs Hole. Mrs Walker will also be working with us in the mornings.

Please check this page regularly as I add some photos each week to show what we have been doing - I try to include as many of the children as I can! I will also put on curriculum information and the weekly poem which I expect all of the children to learn at home.

Remember, I am always available for a quick chat at drop off and pick up times, do please let me know if you need a longer conversation and I can easily arrange that.



Each week we learn a poem or rhyme, which is usually related to our class topic. We say these together as a class and the children are always so proud to see the amount they know grow. I will put the poems here, please will you help your child to learn the poem each week so that they can join in confidently. Thank you.

Spring Term Poems

Autumn Term Poems

Half termly information sheets

Each half term I will put an information sheet on here, with just a little more information about what we will be doing in the EYFS class.

Yearly Overview

The document below outlines our curriculum for the year and is an overview of the topics we intend to cover. However, it isn't set in stone and we will adapt it as necessary!

Early Learning Goals

Towards the end of the school year, I have to assess each child on the EYFS Early Learning Goals. I know that this seems like a long way off, but here they are so that you can see where we're going over the next few months.

Here are photos from each week!

Here we are in our dressing up clothes to celebrate the school being 60 years old. The children were amazing hippies in the T-shirts they had tie dyed!

What a fabulous day we have just enjoyed on The Lakeside Spectacular!

This week we have explored touching and feeling. We did rubbings of different surfaces, used some fabulous words to describe what they feel like, then we wrote about them. We have also painted without using hands - sorry about the paint socks!!

Back to our senses topic this week, thinking about hearing. The children have had great fun making sounds!

We have been learning about the Coronation of King Charles. We have used red, white and blue materials, we made these super crowns and we have painted and decorated portraits, even writing about the people in them. We had great fun in the royal role play area.

This week we have explored seeing. We thought about what it would be like to be blind and tried to paint and build with blindfolds on. We had great fun in the Optician's role play as well as experimenting with things like magnifiers, periscopes and different sunglasses.

We have had two little topics this week. We started work on The Senses, exploring tasting and we have also enjoyed the story of St George - we even did some acting out of the story.

Today we made chocolate nests for our eggs and rabbits!

We have explored New Life and Spring this week, before moving onto Easter. 

We acted out the Palm Sunday story, and today we have washed each others feet to think about Jesus washing his disciples feet.

This week we have celebrated the next of the patron saints - Saint Patrick. It has been a very green coloured week, with rice, sand, collage and loose parts all in green. The children have made super St Patrick hats. They loved playing a few games - Hot Potato, pin the tail on the leprechaun and hunt the leprechaun! Irish dancing and music have been very popular, the children start to move as soon as they hear the music!

This week we have explored life in the past. We have had a great class museum, thank you to our parents for all the things they sent in. We had a lovely session exploring baby photos too!

This week we thought about St David. We also enjoyed the story of The Good Samaritan and acted out some of it too.

We have had our 'Health Week' this week. The children have learnt about how to stay healthy - look at the two booklets. we also had a visit from Harold the Giraffe.

This week we have explored The Sun. Here is some of our lovely work, with paintings, computing and writing.

Everyone had great fun exploring 'wind'. We had bubbles, windmills and floaty fabrics.

The children had a great time at Cycle training, with lots of successes.

The children had a lovely time in the snow!

This week we have explored Chinese New Year. We tasted foods and made up music for our own dragon dances.

This week we have been exploring ice. We looked at it carefully, we held it, and we found out how to make it make melt faster. We had to free some dinosaurs too!

We have enjoyed stories about Penguin Pete, then we drew with pastels, wrote sentences and drew penguins in computing.

We have started our Weather topic, thinking about Ice and Cold.

We thought about clothes for different kinds of weather and we made cold collages.

We had a lovely party today, with a special visitor.

We had a great time at the Christmas Fair

It's nearly Christmas


This week we learnt about the jobs firefighters do. We had another great role play area,