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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

Listen, learn, love and laugh as part of God's family

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Our teachers are Mrs Lee and Mrs Charman

We are helped by Mrs Bennett and Mrs Savage.

Year 4 Curriculum Information

The information below is from Year 4 in 2018 - 2019.
Thank you to Mathew's mum and her colleague who came to talk to us about their jobs as dental nurses and how to look after our teeth. We were shocked by how much sugar is in some drinks and we learnt a lot!
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We had a great time on World Book Day. We've read lots of books, tried out some 'Horrible Science' experiments and taken part in a BBC Live Lesson. We love reading!
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Picture 8
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Ice cream!

Year 4 investigated freezing this afternoon and we made instant ice cream without using a freezer!. The liquid froze and became a solid. It looked delicious! Some of the children would like to try at home so here are the instructions if you'd like to have a go.

Picture 1
Look at what a great day we had at Borwick Hall. 
Congratulations to these children who completed all 16 of the Book Bingo reading challenges. Well done!
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What a great afternoon we had! We played some fantastic Ancient Greek games: discus, long jump with weights, javelin and sprints.  The games were closed with brilliant trumpeting!. 
On Friday 5th October, Year 4 were visited by Inspector Ted from Lancaster and Morecambe police. He told us all about how he became a police inspector and we read his book. 
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Thursday 4th October was National Poetry Day. We enjoyed lots of poems and chose our favourites to perform. We hope you enjoy our performances!


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Welcome to Year 4.

We have been designing and making Ancient Greek Frescoes. I thought you would enjoy them.

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Picture 2
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Picture 16
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Picture 21
Picture 22
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Picture 30
Picture 31
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Picture 35
Year 4 have been designing and making steady hand games that use electrical circuits. Each of the children developed their own ideas and these are the photos of their finished and working games. Great work Year 4.

Buzz It

Buzz It 1
Buzz It 2
Buzz It 3
Buzz It 4
Buzz It 5
Buzz It 6
Buzz It 7
Buzz It 8
Buzz It 9
Buzz It 10
Buzz It 11
Buzz It 12
Buzz It 13
Buzz It 14
Buzz It 15
Buzz It 16
Buzz It 17
Buzz It 18
Buzz It 19
Buzz It 20
Buzz It 21
Buzz It 22
Buzz It 23
Buzz It 24
Buzz It 25
Buzz It 26
Buzz It 27
Buzz It 28
Buzz It 29
Buzz It 30
Buzz It 31
Buzz It 32

Indian dancing

Indian dancing 1
Indian dancing 2
Indian dancing 3
Indian dancing 4
Indian dancing 5
Indian dancing 6
Indian dancing 7
Indian dancing 8

African drumming

African drumming 1
African drumming 2
African drumming 3
African drumming 4
African drumming 5