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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

Listen, learn, love and laugh as part of God's family

Year 3 (Willow)

Welcome to Year 3

Our teachers are Mrs Kelsall (Mon) and Mrs Taylor (Tues - Fri).

We are helped by Mrs Winder (Mon - Thurs mornings)

Year 3 Curriculum Information


Our PE lesson is with Mrs. Kelsall on a Monday. We need to come to school in our PE kits.

No ear -rings please (or your child must be able to remove them and put them back in by themselves)


We aim to do a 15 minute outside Physical activity each afternoon (Tues to Fri)- weather permitting

This may involve use of the running track or class challenges. Your child may want to bring trainers in to school for this. 


Spelling tests are on a Monday and the next set of spellings will be given out. 


One piece of homework will be given on a Wednesday to hand in on a Friday. This allows us to 'quarantine' the homework folders until we look at them on Monday/Tuesday and send out the next piece of work. 

As part of our work on 'Light' we thought about how to make sure that Santa could be seen at night to stay safe!

Look how reflective these outfits are. Santa could definitely stay safe wearing these! 



It looks like the children in Year 3 Willow have enjoyed producing work for their Egyptian homework! 

Have a look at some of the wonderful work that we have seen so far! 

Abi did a great job of describing what her canopic jars were for.

Look closely at Luke's pyramid. He has included so much detail. The cake pyramid looks lovely!

Anna thought carefully about what it might look like inside an Egyptian tomb

Tom worked so hard on his Pharaoh's pyramid and even included smaller ones for the Queens!

Look at the detail in Parker's lego model of the Nile, pyramid and Sphinx!

Arthur has been very interested in hieroglyphics!

Amy enjoyed making her pyramid tomb cake and then made this wonderful powerpoint to explain what she did! Well done Amy!

Here is Amy's completed step pyramid!

Jack made an information sheet about an Egyptian tomb.....

His lego sarcophagus opens to show the mummy and treasures inside

Look at Tallia's colourful, brick pyramid!

What an impressive Hieroglyph cake Alex! A great explanation of what you did using Google Classroom too. Have a look at his powerpoint

Look how many pages of information there are in Tilda's book! 
Charlie enjoyed using woodworking tools with his dad to make this fantastic pyramid out of wood! 

Noel enjoyed making his edible pyramid. He even wrote the shopping list and went shopping for his ingredients. His family enjoyed eating his homework!

Scarlett W must have spent a long time putting all this information onto her poster!

Thomas' Sarcophagus cake looked absolutely delicious!

Look on the Year 3 (Acorn) page to see information relating to last years class (2019  - 2020). It gives you an overview of what the children enjoyed up to lockdown. This year, while following a similar curriculum overview, there will be changes to the content and delivery to meet the needs of the new group of children. Watch this space to see more information and in time see some pictures of the children at work.