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We would love to share some the children's fantastic work they are doing at home. It's a great way to keep in touch too. We love seeing their smiling faces and their lovely work. When you email us their work please let us know if you are happy for us to put it on our website or not. 
Week beginning Monday 13th July - OUR FINAL WEEK!!

William has certainly enjoyed his last week of home schooling. I just love the art work of the smiley giraffe. Well done William!

A final look at Tyreese's hard work. Well done Tyreese, lots of fabulous work completed again his week.

Week beginning Monday 6th July

Oh my William! You appear to have a gorilla in your garden!! Such lovely work from William, well done!

Lots of lovely work from Albie again this week. He's also enjoying reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' Well done Albie!

A lovely piece of work all about Meerkats from Lewis. Well done Lewis!

A few weeks ago Jacob joined in with the 2020 Great Bug Hunt and he has just received this fantastic certificate. Well done Jacob!

Look at Reuben's fantastic work that he has completed over the last few weeks. This is only some of it! He has been so busy with his learning. Well done Reuben.

Did you notice Reuben's photo of some caterpillars that had turned into chrysalides? Well now watch this video to see what happened next! How fabulous!

Still image for this video

Another set of fantastic work from Tyreese this week. Well done Tyreese.

Week beginning Monday 29th June

Jacob has been very busy this week creating a Powerpoint about Bears. He worked on it all by himself! I am very impressed with your computer skills Jacob, well done!

Wow, look at all the fab work William (and Edward) have done on Bears this week. I love the Bear family tree William, what a great idea!

Fabulous Bear work from Seb this week. I love your 'Super bear' art work Seb!

Lots more lovely work from Albie. Beautiful writing and drawing Albie, well done!

Excellent work from Tyreese again this week. I love your science work Tyreese, very creative!

Bonnie has been finding out about Baloo the bear and Grizzy bears. Well done Bonnie.

Look at Ianthe's lovely art work. Well done Ianthe!

Look at this amazing telescope William's mum found!! William is very happy he has his own telescope as he just loves space. Let us know what you see William!!

Week beginning Monday 22nd June

Another lovely and creative model of the Solar system, this time from Seb! Fantastic art work and lovely writing Seb, well done!

Look at how busy Albie has been again this week. Fantastic Albie, well done!

Ellie has clearly been very busy. Not only has she learned all about Space but she has been finding out lots about nature too. She has collected tadpoles and learned about their life cycle and she has even built her own greenhouse to grow some fabulous looking plants. Well done Ellie!

Space is one of William's favourite topics and I think you can tell. Absolutely fabulous work William! You obviously know so much about Space, it is just fantastic to see. Well done!

Wow! Look at this collage of the solar system Ashton and his brother have made. They learned all about the size and order of the planets! It looks amazing! Ashton also designed his very own new planet, called Zion. Well done Ashton!

Look at all this fabulous space work from Tyreese. He has invented his own planet and created the whole solar system, including a rocket and spaceship. Amazing Tyreese, well done!

Tyreese has also been practising his reading and read the story, 'Back to earth with a bump!' Brilliant Tyreese.

Still image for this video

Jacob has been learning lots about Space. He has made a timeline, invented a new planet and built an alien ....I hope he's friendly Jacob! Brilliant work!

Week beginning Monday 15th June

Look at all the lovely work William has done this week. He went to the beach and found a fossil! How fab! What do you think it could be? He has also been learning how to surf in the paddling pool!

Dougie has done some fantastic writing all about sharks.

Bonnie has started our 'Under the Sea' topic with lots of lovely work already. Well done Bonnie.

James has been busy doing lots of lovely things. Mmm did you bake something delicious James?

Look at all this brilliant work from Grace. You have done some great maths and writing Grace, well done!

More brilliant work from Tyreese again this week. He has done some great work all about the story 'Starry-eyed Stan' and also some fab science work. Well done!

Ashton has been hard at work this week and has written a lovely friendship poem. He is also looking after some caterpillars and waiting for them to turn into butterflies. How exciting!

What a beautiful under the sea collage Albie has made this week. Stunning! He has also grown a sunflower that is nearly as tall as him!! Wow!

Alba has been working hard this week. She has also started tennis at the local club and is really enjoying it.

Alba has also mastered riding her bike! She's named it Zelda!

Still image for this video
Week beginning Monday 8th June

Look how busy Jacob has been already this week. Fantastic art work Jacob!

William has been very busy practising his writing, building lego models and drawing super pictures.

Albie has been working so hard at home school and has been doing some fantastic work. He learned all about France during world week. He has also done some super seasonal work too.

Look at all the lovely work Tyreese has been doing! He has worked hard on his maths and writing and has done some fantastic work on seasons.

Alba has been very busy during the last few weeks. Look at the beautiful pebble rainbow she made for the school gates.

Thomas has also been really busy over the last few weeks. He has done some super writing and maths and has collected and labelled some beautiful leaves.

Just look at William's big smile. He has done so much work at home. Well done William.

Nature loving Bonnie has been hard at work too!! Look at your lovely work on Ancient Egypt - fantastic!!

Look at Saphia! She has had her hair cut into a beautiful bob! But what makes this a special haircut is that she has donated her hair to The Princess Trust. How lovely Saphia!

Look at this beautiful work Ianthe has done about the seaside. She even made her very own rock pool! Fantastic!

Lots of lovely work from Reuben too this week. I think he will be our new counting expert, well done Reuben!

Wow, look at all of Ashton's work! He has been very busy with lots of English, maths and science work. He has also been doing lots of reading. Well done Ashton!

Seb has also been so busy with a range of activities. I absolutely love the creativeness of his seasonal tree art picture. It is so effective. Well done Seb!