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Week beginning 4th May

Hello everyone, 

And just like that, we are in May. 

We hope that you are all keeping well. It has been lovely to receive emails and pictures of the children learning and having fun at home. We really are missing them so it's nice to hear/see what they have been up to. Please do drop us an email just to say hi! 


This Friday, we would not have been in school due to a bank holiday for VE Day. There are some lovely activities attached on the Year 3 main page for you to do if you like. The children who are in school for childcare will be decorating bunting to hang outside on the railings - it would be lovely if you could make some to hang in your windows at home - please send us some pictures. 

Take care, 

Mrs Gregory and Mrs Waterhouse



Here is our English work for this week - all about Flat Stanley which I know lots of you enjoy to read. We look forward to seeing some more of your super work!


Some children have asked for some more 2dos on Purple Mash so we have added some linked to reading. There is one for a book review and one about interviewing a character from a book you have read. Please don't feel like you have to do them but they are there if you want to have a go. 



This week we are going to practise multiplication and division. Try and remember the work that we have done on the grid method for multiplication and the work that we have done on subtracting on number lines for division. (There are examples on the sheets to help you). For the division questions there are a variety of sheets that get increasingly more difficult - please start where your child feels most comfortable. There are also some multiplication and division problems that you can try and solve - you should be able to do these using your knowledge of the 3x, 4x and 8x tables. 



Here are our Arithmetic questions for this week. If you are getting really confident at answering these questions now maybe you could try and make up some questions of your own following the types of questions that we have been looking at?



Present perfect tense - we have covered this tricky topic in detail.

Work through the PowerPoint to recap the present perfect tense.



Here are your spellings for this week. Can you put them in a sentence? Make sure you are practicing your handwriting as well. In the PowerPoint, it suggests using a dictionary to look up the definition of the words. If you don't have access to a dictionary at home, Word Hippo is a great online tool. We have used it in class as a thesaurus so the children are familiar with it.




This week, we find out about the Romans invading Britain. Read the PowerPoint and there are some resource sheets as well. 




This week we are going to think about how water is transported in plants. Please watch this video -


I wonder if you could have a go at the experiment in the video with the white flowers? Or you can also try it with celery and see what happens (there is a link to some instructions for this below). I would love to some pictures of any experiments that you try!


There are also some 2dos on Purple Mash for you to have a go at linked to some of our Science work.