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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

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Week beginning 27th April

Please don't forget to check out the wellbeing page on the Year 3 home learning homepage. 



Please find below the link for this week's English unit all about eggs!


Please also remember to try and read a little bit at home each day.



This week we are going to recap the work that we have done on addition and subtraction using the column method.

Parents - if you would like a quick recap on how we use the column method in school there is a brief explanation on this web page.


Here are some sheets for you to work through. We have also added some 'challenge' word problem cards where you can use the column method.



Thank you to those children who have sent us some pictures of what they have been planting! We have attempted to plant some seeds in our garden this week so fingers crossed that they will grow!

This week we are going to look at the names of different parts of a plant. 

Watch the video 'Parts of a plant'


Following this could you draw a diagram of a plant and label the different parts? If you could include a short description of what each part does that would be fantastic! Try to include: stem, roots, leaves and flower. 


If you can, email your pictures of your plants so that we can share them on our class photo page.



Here are this week's Arithmetic questions. 



We were all getting really good at our French numbers last term! If you want to brush up on those skills I have attached a link to a BBC Bitesize video. You could even have a go at setting the game up from the video in your garden and practising your French at the same time!



Here are your spellings for the next week. Please do keep looking over the spelling list that was set for the first week as well. 

I  have attached a PowerPoint to recap adverbs. There is a little activity for you to complete in the PowerPoint.



This is one of my favourite lessons - we find out about the Roman Army!

I've attached a PowerPoint with information and links to BBC. Have a go at the tasks and email any pictures of the shield you create.