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Week beginning 23rd March

Our next topic is all about New Life & Springtime. (Week beginning 23rd March 2020).

If we were in school these are some of the topic related activities we were going to do:

  • Look for signs of spring outside & in the world around - maybe it's getting a little warmer - can you hear birds singing -  look at trees & other outdoor areas - can you see buds, leaves growing and maybe some bulbs too? Is it still light at bedtime?
  • Try to compare Spring to the other seasons the children can remember. We started off with lots of work about Autumn & we enjoyed thinking about ice & cold in winter.
  • Look at how humans grow & change. You could get out some baby photos and explore how the children have changed. Talk about what they can do now & what they couldn't do at different stages of their lives.
  • Explore life cycles of frogs, butterflies etc.
  • You could maybe look online together to find webcams of birds hatching.
  • Look at animals & their babies - what are they called? What do they need?



Ask your child to write about something connected with spring. Encourage them to write for themselves, but step in to help when the words are really tricky. Some children will be able to write the initial letters of the words by themselves, others will manage whole sentences. Finger spaces between each word are very important!


In Maths we were going to work on taking away. To help this you can count backwards from 10 & then from 20 with your child. It will really help if they can do this by themselves! If you give your child an amount of objects, then ask them to take an amount away  and say how many they have left this is good, particularly if they tell you in a sentence like this - 'first I had 9, then I took 4 away, now I have 5 left'.


I will send home next week's poem to learn - it would be a good idea to run through all the ones they have learnt so far!

Do remember all of the other activities on our school website too.