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Week Beginning 20th April

Hello Year 3 and Parents,

We hope that you have had a lovely time over Easter and managed to enjoy some of the sunshine. We also hope that everyone is well and happy. We are missing all of you a lot!


As we are starting a new term we would have been starting a lot of new topics in school. Please find below some suggestions for learning for all areas of the curriculum. As ever please don't hesitate to contact either of us if you have any questions and please do keep sending in pictures for our photograph section. It is lovely to see what you have all been up to at home.


Mrs Waterhouse and Mrs Gregory



Please find below a link to a reading and writing unit based on 'The Twits'. The children have read this as a class story and they really enjoyed it.




This week your spelling words are homophones - words that sound the same but look different and mean something different. 

Here is a matching activity for you to do. Once you have completed this, write a sentence for each word. 




In school we would be looking at counting and sequencing, the 8 times tables and bar charts. 

Make sure you go onto TT Rockstars - I have changed the focus to the 8s for the next two weeks. 

There is a 2do on Purple Mash for you to create a bar chart. Do a survey in your house about favourite Easter eggs! There is also a sheet below to practise counting in 4s, 8s, 50s and 100s.




We are going to continue to practice the Spring term Arithmetic questions for another couple of weeks before we move on to the Summer Term. The next set of questions is below - please remember to use the methods that we have practised. If there are any that you find particularly tricky just practise those ones this week. 



Our new topic in Science is 'Plants'. This week please can you start to think about what plants need to grow. This is a good video to watch that will recap what you learned about plants in the infants:   


If we were in school we were going to start an experiment where we investigate what plants need to grow and what happens if the plants don't get these things. 


I completely understand that it will not be possible for everyone to do this but if you do have the resources and the time you could try the following experiment at home:

Investigate what happens if a plant doesn't get light by planting 2 seeds in 2 different pots and placing one in the light and one in the dark (remember to water them both). Keep checking on them every few days - you could  write a diary to record what happens to the plants. 





Our new topic for RE is thinking about rules and what rules we should follow. Can you talk to someone at home about the different types of rules that we follow. Think about rules at school, rules at home, rules when you play football or other sports. What is the purpose of rules? What would happen if we didn't have rules? Can you make up a set of new rules for a particular place, group or situation.  Include creating a fun set of rules e.g. You must eat chocolate every day.  You must be allowed to watch TV whenever you want to.  Teachers must always wear red hats.

Topic - History


This week, we would be starting our exciting topic of The Romans! I'm really sad that I can't teach you this in school, but I have planned some similar activities for you to do at home. There is so much information online - if you want to do any reading of your own, then use BBC bitesize or Primary Homework help.


Here is the work for this week. 



There is a SPAG mat activity for you to have a go at. The answers are attached but these are for the grown-ups!!