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Week beginning 18th May

Hi Year 3.

We can't believe that it is the last week of half term already. It has been lovely to hear from so many of you and to see all the super work and fun activities that you have been doing at home. 


This week would have been slightly different in school as it is our World Week. We have included the usual Maths, English and Topic work but there is also an extra task to complete for World Week - as we always say please don't feel like you have to do everything - you may feel like you want to spend more time on our World Week task or you may prefer to stick to the other activities - it is up to you!


Please do keep in touch and keep sending us pictures - we love to see what you are doing at home. If there is anything at all we can help with please contact us by email.

Mrs Waterhouse and Mrs Gregory

World Week


If we had been in school this week it would have been World Week. We would have spent the week focusing on one country and finding out about the culture, religion, food, key landmarks etc.


This week could you find out about a country of your choice? Maybe you could find out what language they speak, what their flag looks like or investigate some of the ideas suggested above? You could make a poster about your country or put what you find out into an information book? You could even make a PowerPoint about your country. 


We look forward to seeing what you find out. 



Here is a wonderful way to find new authors/books to read. Have a look at this 'reading map' and see which books you might want to try.



Here are the Arithmetic questions for this week - please do let me know if your child is struggling and you would like some more of the earlier Arithmetic questions to practice.



This week we are looking at 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. There are lots of fun, practical activities for you to look at. 



This week's English unit is all about shoes!



This week we are going to carry on thinking about the different parts of a flower. Please look at the PowerPoint below and have a go at the activity at the end if you can. There is also a 2Do on Purple Mash for those of you who have a planted some seeds to write a plant diary about what you have observed. 



Have a look at this video and see if you can learn any new French words for different types of food.

Topic - History


This week, I have included two 'lessons'. This is because we would have fit an extra lesson in with lots to get through on the Romans topic. Please do not feel you need to complete all of this. 



Here are the spellings for this week. Make sure you take care with your handwriting whilst practising your spellings. 

SPAG mats 


These are differentiated and there are three levels. Please select the one you feel is most appropriate for your child.