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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

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Week beginning 15th June

Hi everyone. 

We hope you are all well. Please keep emailing us, even if it is just to say hi! 

The learning for this week is below - as always, please do not feel that you have to do it all. 

Take care, 

Mrs Gregory and Mrs Waterhouse



Here is your next set of Arithmetic questions.



We are continuing to look at money over the next week. Using either some real money or the printable money we have provided, how many ways can you make £5, £10 etc?


We have also included some work below for you to practise adding amounts of money and for calculating change.




This week, the unit is all about being up in the air!



This week we are looking at the pollination process. Have a look at the PowerPoint below which will explain the process in more detail. Next please can you use PAGE 2 from the Pollination pdf - cut out and order the sentences to show you have understood the pollination process. Next - could you draw a storyboard to show each stage of the process?



For French this week have a look at the games on this web page. There are some good number and colour games that you can have a go at.

Topic - History


On Thursday and Friday of this week, we should've been on our residential. We are all really sad that we can not be there.

I have included the link to the website for the Roman fort and also the link to Google Earth for you to have a little nosey around. I would highly recommend going to visit, when it is open and safe to do so, as it is a lovely day out and it's amazing looking at all the history there. 



There are some sheets on question marks and articles. 

Sorry for the delay!



Here are your spellings and activities for this week.