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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

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Week beginning 11th May



This week's English work is all about crocodiles. Don't forget there are some reading 2dos on Purple Mash - and you can also access E-books on Oxford Owl if you are running out of books to read at home!



Please do not feel that you have to do this. It is just in case anyone is looking for a little bit of story writing. 

If anyone is interested in doing some story writing, then have a look at the picture below. There is a planning sheet to help you plan your story out. 



This week for Maths we are going to use the White Rose Maths resources. This consists of a short video each day for your child to watch and then some follow up questions. The questions can either be printed for your child to work through or you could discuss the questions with your child after they have watched the video. 


Please could you use Summer Term Wk 3 - w/c 4th May on the White Rose page - the focus is money. 


This week we are looking at some new questions for our Arithmetic. Some of them will be a little bit tricky. If your child is struggling please let us know and we can send some more of the earlier type of questions to practise. 



This week we are looking at using 'a' and 'an'. Look through the PowerPoint and complete the tasks on there. 



Here are the spellings for this week. Make sure you write out a sentence for each word. Use WordHippo to look up any words that you don't understand. 



This week we are going to think about the parts of a flower and their functions. There is a PowerPoint to look at - then could you have a go at the flower dissection mat? You could use a real flower or there is a picture of a flower which you could cut up and use. 


For those of you that managed to plant some seeds I wonder how they are doing? Ours are just starting to grow in the garden. We have had to make sure that we remember to water them with all of this sunny weather!




In school we have looked at animals and pets in French. Have a look at the videos on this page and see if you can join in.


There are also some French games that you can play if you follow the link below.

Topic - History


This week we are finding out about a very famous person - Boudica. There is even a song for you to watch/sing along to!

Make sure the story board is done in pencil and then coloured in. Please send me pictures of your story board. Enjoy!