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Week 6 Monday 13th July

Hello Year 1, how are you all? We absolutely loved seeing so many of you at school on Friday and it made us start our weekend with great big smiles!! We hope you all enjoyed coming back to see us and all your friends too. Sorry it was only for a short time but hopefully it has helped you reconnect with your classmates. So, here is your final week of school! What a funny year it has been and certainly not the summer term we had planned for you. I have left you with some work for the week and it is set up the same as usual, we are still looking at zoos. However, as it is the last week of term please don't feel like you have to keep to the timetable - we wouldn't have done if we were in school!! Think of some other fun activities instead. You could write some letters to friends who you have missed, watch a film and draw and write about a favourite character, draw a map of an imaginary world, make a cake and have a tea party in the garden. Whatever you do have fun, enjoy and keep smiling smiley


Mrs Jennings and Mrs Taylor

A4 Printable version of the word art


English/Story time

Read all about Ronald the Rhino in this week's story. 


Now you have looked at lots of zoo animals, how they live and what they eat, can you design your own zoo? Use the sheets for ideas or create your own collage. What animals will you have in your zoo? What will it be called? What other features/experiences will you include? 


Then have a look at some of the other activities. Imagine you are visiting a zoo. What animals can you see through your binoculars? Can you write about an imaginary trip to the zoo? Perhaps you are visiting the zoo you have designed. Or use the links to one of the zoos from last week as your inspiration. What did you see? What were they doing? What did they look like? What was your favourite animal? Why? 


This week you are going to think about zoos and how they have changed over the years. Then you are going to think about your design for your own zoo by sorting the animals into the correct enclosure by comparing their bodies. What skin covering do they have? How many legs? Do they have fins? 


My favourite animal at the zoo is the giraffe. They are so graceful and beautiful. They also have amazing eyes and eyelashes! One of my favourite stories about giraffes is 'Giraffes can't dance,' all about Gerald the Giraffe. If you haven't read it before check out the story below. 

I'd like you to try and create some art work based on this story. I have included some examples below. You will need two pieces of paper. On the first, create a background. Use paint and water to create a wash of bluey/purpley sky. Can you add in the bright white moon? At the bottom use green paint and water to make the grass. Whilst the paint is still wet use a fork to create some texture by scraping it through the paint. Leave it to dry (and wash the fork wink).

On the second piece of paper paint a picture of Gerald the giraffe. Use the pictures in the story to help you. Can you make him smile? Cut him out and stick him onto your background.

Or you could just do a blue sky background and concentrate on the head and neck of the giraffe.


OR have a go at using one of the tutorials below to draw your own giraffe.