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Week 5 Monday 6th July

Good Morning Year 1,

How are you all? We hope you enjoyed learning all about bears last week.Thank you to those of you who sent in photos, especially of your Teddy Bear's picnic. Did you see mine? I used a very old bear of mine that was actually my mum's when she was a little girl. He is called Teddy Edward. Anyway, we are still thinking about animals this week and imagining a visit to the zoo. We have missed out on our class trip this year and so we can go on a virtual one to the zoo. This week's theme is actually going to run for the next two weeks, which are our last two weeks in Year 1!


We are both really excited to be able to see you this week when you come to visit us. Parents, if you haven't seen the email please contact the office. The newsletter that went out on Thursday has all the details for our Year 1 visits on Tuesday 7th July. We are inviting the children in for a short circle time activity (with 1m social distancing) and a chance to collect their books and belongings. This is a great opportunity for the children to see us and each other before the summer holidays. If they appear a little nervous it is completely understandable after all this time, but please encourage them to come. It will just give them a little more reassurance before coming back in September for the start of Year 2 (Fingers crossed we open properly then!!) Please contact the office if you would like to attend as we have to organise the children into 2 groups.


The school reports are also being sent out on Friday this week. We will be sending them out via email so please keep an eye on your inbox then. They will be coming from my email address (Mrs Jennings) so please check that they don't go to your junk folder. Please bear with me as they will have to be done individually whilst I am at home so they won't all be arriving at once!! If you reply to the email please also copy Mrs Taylor ( into the reply. 


Thank you and enjoy your trip to the zoo! 



We're going to the zoo and finding out all about Meerkats. Have you ever seen a meerkat? They have some at the mini zoo at Williamson's park in Lancaster. What do they look like? What do they do? 



This week we are continuing to look at what animals eat. Think about the zoo animals you have been finding out about and see if you can find out if they are a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. Go back to last week's powerpoint if you need a quick refresher for what these tricky scientific words mean. 


Then have a look at the information and activity from Twycross zoo. 


Can you complete these drawings of jungle animals? Look carefully at the side that is completed to try and get both sides symmetrical. Can you research the animals, or have a look at one of the zoo virtual tours, to work out the right colours for each animal?