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Week 2 Monday 15th June

Hi there Year 1,

How are you all doing? Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you sent last week. Our gallery is now full of lovely smiling Year 1 children and lots of fabulous work. We really are very proud of you all. 


This week we are going to go on adventure into the ocean and explore under the sea. This means that at some point this week you can watch 'The Little Mermaid' or 'Finding Nemo' for essential research purposes!! Yay! Let us know which one you choose and why! Mrs Jennings's favourite has got to be Nemo, although she is often heard singing along with Ariel too!! Have fun this week and don't forget to send us some photos for the gallery. We will be looking out for some stars of the week to award. 


Mrs Jennings and Mrs Taylor


PS I have just seen that it is World Sea Turtle day on Tuesday! How fitting for our theme! Perhaps you could find out a little more about marine turtles. Have fun!


This week's read and respond plans are all about 'Under the Sea'.


This week's story takes us under the sea to meet some very special sea creatures. Read all about 'Starry-Eyed Stan' and his friends. You can either just listen and enjoy the story or use if for your English work. There are lots of activities linked to the story so choose which ones you would like to have a go at.


This week we are starting our new topic on animals. We need to be able to name and identify some common animals and say what type of animal they are. We also need to know about what kind of things animals eat and describe the structure of different animals. So this week I thought we should start with sea animals to fit in with our theme. 


First of all go through the slides together. Look at the different animals and decide which ones live in the ocean. What is special about them? What special features do they have? 

Then have a look at the activity document. There are lots of activities included - please don't try and do them all! You can play a matching game of animal and their name, you could use the animal cards to help you answer the riddles or you could sort the animals into ones that live in the ocean and ones that don't. The last activity asks you to sort the animals according to their features. 


I have also included a powerpoint all about fish and their features. An extra scientific challenge for you this week is to look carefully at a fish and label it. You can either use a printed out picture or you could draw your own pencil drawing of one. Can you add labels? Can you add any information to describe how these features help the fish? I have included an example underneath.