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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

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Week 2 Mon 30.3.20

Good morning Year 4.

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine last week and have been finding lots of interesting things to do. I know some of you have used purple mash as I've looked at your super work. Parents its up to you, do some of what is prepared, but most of all be with the children and enjoy your time together. 


Mathematics with I.C.T

I have put a couple of to dos on Purple Mash. Interpreting pictograms and interpreting block graphs. 

Here are some other tasks to have a go at. 




I loved this video and thought you might as well. Copy details into your web browser. 

Your mission is: to write a newspaper report of the events that happened to Secret Agent Walter Beckett.

Or create comic strips and picture boards from the story.

Or write more missions for Walter which are spoilt by the pigeon.




Why not have a go at making a word search of your own with some of the words below. Get your family to find the words. Make sure you spell them correctly as you put them in! 

Picture 1

Here are some wordsearches without words in. Fill one up!


What did the Anglo -Saxons eat? I've included some information for you. There is a task to design a menu for a feast or ordinary meal. If you like to bake there is a recipe!


You could finish the poster from last week. Or if you'd like another R.E. / art challenge perhaps a colourful cross like these. Don't forget we are celebrating Jesus' being raised from the dead very soon, Easter!

Picture 1
Don't forget there is an Easter card design on week 1 and some P.E. to keep you fit.