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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

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Week 2

We hope that you had a good first week and that you enjoyed working on some of the activities at home. Please find below some suggestions to help you with your learning at home this week. 

Make sure you 'hand in' any work set on PurpleMash so that we can leave a comment on and know that it is complete.



Please remember that one of the most important things that you can do at home is read and be read to. David Walliams is releasing a story every day on his website that you could listen to.


If you have created a special area or den for reading at home please email us the pictures - we would love to see them. 


For our reading work this week we were going to finish reading 'The Iron Man'. I have attached a copy of the story (the section that you will need is pages 20-25.

Read the chapter with a grown up and discuss what is happening.

Then there are two activities to complete below.


Activity 1: Match up the word with the correct definition and then try and write a sentence with each word.

Activity 2: Questions to answer about Chapter 5.



Here are the next set of Arithmetic questions. Remember they follow the same pattern as last week just using different numbers. Try and remember the methods that we have practised to help us to solve the questions.



If you would like to carry on practising your French I have found a good video that will remind you of all the greetings that we learned to say in French as well as asking how someone is feeling. Try and join in with the video and then see if you can practise having a simple conversation in French with someone in your family.


I have attached a little volcano craft for you to attempt if you have access to a printer. 


The next part of our topic is earthquakes. Read through the information on this page and watch the short video. There will be some technical words that you have already come across.


Log on to PurpleMash to see your 2Do. 



We had almost finished the story 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'. Lila and her father had just won the firework competition and Lalchand had been freed. I would like you to write the next part of the story. What do Lalchand and Lila do next? 

You could try to include inverted commas (speech marks), fronted adverbials and description. Remember - don't overuse speech. 



I have set a 2DO on PurpleMash for a SPAG activity this week. 




Please continue to look over the list from Week 1. When I am in school next week, I will look at where we are up to with our spellings and upload the next list. 



There is a 2do on Purple Mash linked to our work on magnets. Please watch the short video and then write a short description of each item. Try and focus on what material the object is made out of and whether it is magnetic or not. 



There are rainbows all over our garden and house at the moment. We have used chalk in the garden and we made a collage to go in the window. Maybe you could do a rainbow picture if you haven't already. 


What can you see in your garden? From your window? You could create an observational drawing or you could paint your own Starry Night painting at home. 



Make sure you try to access TT Rockstars, even a few times a week. We are hoping to see lots of certificates earned. 

Sorry mums and dads - we'd like you to help out in the kitchen! Use your reading scales skills to do some measuring and weighing as you bake a cake or help to cook a meal. 

Send us some pictures of you doing this.