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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

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Week 1 Mon 23.3.20

Good morning Year 4.

I had to start that way because thats what we always do. I have put some of the usual things we do weekly in this post. I hope you enjoy some, do some because you should and spend some time with your family.

Mrs Lee



Here are a few activities based on this weeks work.

Have a go at this -- might be a little tricky!

Have a go at bar charts and line graphs. There are a few versions in each PDF. Don't do them all!!!!!!


The entrance tickets are little questions to have a go at. The answers are to help your parents!


We were going to look at Kennings in class this next week or 2 so here are some examples to read, enjoy and have a go at writing. Keep any examples you write to share with us. Kennings came from the Anglo Saxons.


We have been reading the accounts of Jesus' life and about how he came to be crucified and rose from the dead! An amazing time. I have attached a powerpoint of slides that have the main events. The children have been making posters of these events in two parts. Trust and Betrayal. Please enjoy making a Trust and or a Betrayal Poster about Jesus leading up to Easter.

This is the Easter story


We are studying Anglo-Saxons and the children have been full of it. I have included the next area to look at and some activities they might enjoy.

Enjoy drawing and colouring some of these interesting and useful artefacts.


Purple Mash activities to do.


I think your mum might like a Mother's Day card. Or if you have made one already an Easter card for someone you love. Here's an idea. 

Give this a go.