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Summer 1 Mon 20.4.20

Hi Year 4, I miss you all. Note to parents, I know I've put a lot of work/ ideas on here. Do some NOT all of it. I was looking forward to teaching your children and cannot help myself! Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Mrs Lee.


We will be studying the Vikings this half term. So English will be based on this. I'm hoping the children will enjoy the tasks and want to find out more for themselves.

Task 1 Read - Chapter 1 ppt 

Task 2 Write anything you have find out about the Vikings from the chapter. Paper pdf provided.

Task 3 Read and decide if parts of the text are fact or opinion.

Spelling - New half termly spellings have been added for you to work on. The children know their groups. Remember you can practice the key words for spelling King or Queen!

Grammar and punctuation

BBC bitesize have offered some great resources for learning in this area. I have included the timetable of daily lessons for you. Any of the grammar ones would be great. 




In a couple of weeks you might want some cardboard for building something - hold onto a cereal box maybe! 

For the Viking topic I'll give you some information each week. Please feel free to find out anything and everything about the Vikings. I've given you an introduction and a timeline. Have a look. There's a task if you like.



We enjoy using clay in class producing Viking faces. I thought you might enjoy drawing Viking faces or if you have the ingredients and the time make a Viking face with salt dough. There are lots of ideas below.


Using purple mash have a go at using Logo. I have set a to do. If you do it hand it in for me to see. I'll see it and can make a comment!


This half term we will be thinking about prayer. Praying is something we can all do and God listens to us every time. 

Find out when Jesus prayed.  Matthew 19:13, Matthew 26:36, Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16, Luke 6:12, Luke 9:28, Luke 22:39, John 17:19-21. 

When do you like to pray? How does it feel?