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Half Term

Well done for all of your hard work this half term! As we would normally be breaking up this week, we thought you deserved a little break, so haven't set you any new 'work' to complete. 


Instead, we have set you a little task....


You may not realise it yet, but we are living through historic times. Because of this, we thought it would be great for you to remember it all in time capsule, which you can store away and open in years to come. (A time capsule is a container that holds present day items, such as photos, newspapers, letters and more. It’s typically hidden away for your future self or someone of your choosing to open).


Below are some simple sheets for you to work through with some ideas to think about and reflect on at a later date.

There are 11 sheets within the workbook:

  • A moment of history – record some of the details occurring now,
  • About me page,
  • How I’m feeling,
  • Something about your community,
  • What are you doing to stay busy at home,
  • Record your handprints,
  • Special occasions while in Lockdown,
  • A letter to yourself,
  • Interview your parents, and finally
  • A letter FROM your parents.


When you have completed your worksheets you should place them in a suitable container (shoeboxes are great for indoor safekeeping, while weather-resistant boxes are best for the outdoors). You may also want to add some other items such as: 

  •  local paper with Covid-19 headlines
  • a 2020 dated coin
  • a national newspaper
  • a drawing of the family including pets, names, ages etc
  • memorabilia from a day in the garden or nature (a feather or shell from the beach)
  • photos of today
  • a packet of seeds from 2020 (who thinks they’ll grow in 10 years?!)
  • A 2020 postage stamp
  • a painted pebble with the date on
  • a current magazine
  • a couple of bits of clean toilet paper and a hand wipe for humour!
  • pressed flowers
  • a copy of the Government letter about the pandemic
  • photos of family members doing crazy things…


Once you have completed you time capsule, decorate it and have another family member hide the box, so you aren’t tempted to open it! 



Don't forget to keep reading at home. If you are running low on books, remember that you can read any of these ebooks online. 


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