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Summer 1 Week 2 - WC 27/4/20

Hello everyone! We hope that you are all well and have had a lovely weekend. Please see below this week's home learning activities.


In Maths, we are starting to look at measure. This week's tasks include comparing lengths, ordering lengths and solving problems related to measure. You may also want to do some measuring of your own. Perhaps you could use a ruler or tape measure to measure the heights of your teddies and compare them? For English, we would like you to write a senses poem about a visit to the seaside. Try and make it as descriptive as possible by including lots of adjectives and noun phrases. The more detailed the better! As we can't visit the seaside, it would be lovely to read your poems and imagine that we are there, so please share them with us when they're done. You will also find some English revision activities, similar to to last week, as well as this week’s spellings. In Science, we are continuing to look at plants. This week, we are going to investigate what plants need to grow. We will plant some seeds to grow under different conditions and use this 'comparative test' to investigate what the best conditions are for plants to grow. Your first job is to make a prediction - please share these with us! In Topic, we will be comparing seaside's in the past to now. There is a PowerPoint for you to look at and a short film clip. We have also attached a link to a 'Magic Grandad' story, that we think you will like. Once you have looked at these, see if you can sort the seaside activities into whether we do them now, did them in the past or both. There are also some art activity ideas, linked to the sea and a computing task, thinking about how we can keep ourselves safe online.


Thank you to everyone that has emailed us and sent photographs of what you have been up to. It has been lovely to see your work as well as seeing you enjoying time in the garden, baking and doing all sorts of lovely activities. If you haven't been in touch, we would love to hear from you, even if it's just to say hello or to let us know that you have seen this web page.


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Again if there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Which of these do you think will grow the best?

Talking about seaside in the pastharfleet7.wmv

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