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Summer 5 Mon 18.5.20

Morning Year 4!


Here is the final part of 'The eye of the Viking god'. I hope you enjoyed the story. 



This week I would like you to read a short Viking story about Thor and his mighty hammer and complete a comprehension from it. Here is the story. 

You could also have a go at writing a play script. Remember the words people say go after their names and you need stage directions to tell the people acting how to say the words and what actions they should do. Put the stage directions in brackets.

When you've read the story underline what people say that will help you. 

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation.

I hope you're practicing the spellings weekly.

Here is another grammar mat to have a go at.


This week we are looking at perimeter and I have put some measures questions for you to have a go at as well. 


History and Computing

More Viking information for you. I have added 2 to do's on purple mash for you to have a go at with a Viking theme. Pick one and have a go. Save it in Year 4 work please.


When looking at the Vikings history there is evidence that shows Christian monks at the time, when they hand wrote books, would 'illuminate' the first letter in a beautiful way. I have attached a power point to show you. You could illuminate the initial letter of your name. Or colour in one from the document below.


I just thought I'd add a prayer book mark you might like. Each finger of your hand used to remind you of something or someone you could pray for.