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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

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Summer 4 Mon 11.5.20


This week I have a Viking video for you I hope you will enjoy watching.


This document contains the link to the Video about Bjorn.

Here is a powerpoint you can add your own words to about Bjorn. Give it a go! Also a comprehension to complete.

Next instalment of our story.


Have a go at this one. How are you getting on with the grammar?


Have a go at some of these.



Have a look at the next instalment of Viking information. I hope your enjoying this topic. I am! 


Have a go at writing a fact file about a Viking god. Or create a top trumps card for your favourite Viking god.


I have already seen some fantastic Viking longships. Have a look at Harry's. It's a cracker! I have added another idea for making a Viking brooch that would have held up Viking clothes! Give it a try and send me a photo.

Harry's very happy about his fabulous Viking long ship.

For mums and dads

Just a final thought for this week. Something that might help!

I have been asked how we can support our children with the situation we find ourselves in. I have answered privately to some families as best as I can. But, I have found a free book, that can be downloaded, written by a teacher to help. I thought it was good. Have a look and share with your children if you think it would help. It's called 'How not to go to school' and I have a pdf below of it.