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Summer 3 Mon 4.5.20

Hi Year 4 , thank you for emailing me with photos of your work to look at. Please remember if you haven't sent something yet I'd love to see it. 


Read the next instalment of the story. What is happening to Fleece?

Watch the Viking saga 'Odin creates' and write that mini saga in just 50 words. Or write the saga about Odin's eye from the story last week. I have include a powerpoint with some instructions to help.



Have a go at these.



Don't forget the spellings are on the first page of year 4 online learning.


This week we will be looking at measure. 


History and art

This week I have added more information about Viking families and Viking ships. Some people are making powerpoints which they are adding to each week. Some people are writing up a project and drawing pictures to go with it. All good ideas.

The art is to make a Viking ship (remember I asked you to keep a cereal box!) The design is the third document in the block. Have a look and have fun.


I have included an acrostic poem for you to have a go at. Prayer is? 


Lots of you are having a go with logo on purple mash. That is great but please make sure you save it with a title into year 4 class folder. 

This week if you haven't worked on logo do. Thoses who have may need to develop their skills. Watch the videos and see what else you can do. 

Also you can record your Viking work on Purple Mash. See the Viking resources and have a go. Remember save the work to the year 4 folder named carefully.