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Summer 2 Mon 27.4.20


Task 1 - Read the next chapter.

Task 2 - Draw the scene in the hall where the feast happened from the description. (Clothes worn, objects used.) Perhaps use the plain bordered Viking paper from last week. 

Task 3 - Write a diary entry as if you are Fleece. What has her day been like? How does she feel about it? Did she enjoy the story of Odin?

The link above shows you how to make a small book from a piece of paper. Great for writing a diary entry in!




This week we have work on measures, reading scales and a challenge of all areas to see how the maths is going.


I've included a couple of grammar mats this week, give them a go.



Who were the slaves, nobles and freemen?




Continue to enjoy the viking faces. By the way Vikings didn't have horns on their helmets!

Have a look at some Viking artefacts and have a go at drawing/painting them. What were they used for and what do they tell us about how the Vikings lived?


Continue to use Logo. I have set Logo as a to do. Please watch the videos and develop your skills by trying each part of what the video suggests.(The comments I made last week about your work don't appear on the site despite making them. I will sort this out! ) I have been looking at and marking your work. 


As we are thinking about prayer and there is such a lot to pray about at the moment. You could write down your prayer and share it with us. We can pray your prayer as well.