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Summer 1 Week 5 Monday 18th May

Good morning Year 1. How are you all today? This is our last week before half term and if we were in school it would be our 'World Week'. This is the week we have every year learning about different places in the world. We look at a country and find out about the weather, people, flag, food, language, daily life, clothes etc. We also do lots of art work linked to that country.


So with that in mind we'd like to give you an extra challenge this week. Choose a country (it could be somewhere where you have visited before or not) and find out about it. You could create a poster or a booklet with lots of information about it or you could make some art work. If you were feeling very adventurous you could do something on the computer. You can choose any country you like but as Mrs. Taylor and I are doing Italy, Australia and France with the children in childcare this week we have added folders of resources underneath. BUT don't feel like you have to pick these countries, choose anywhere you like. 


I have added some normal lesson ideas linked to this term's topics if you don't fancy doing world week. Which ever you choose is fine with us!!

Don't forget if you would like any extra work or activities linked to this week's maths the BBC bitesize homelearning maths works alongside the White Rose. 

Have a go at these different activities. There is one activity for each day.

Practise your writing. Choose a picture and write about it or draw your own to write about.


This week we are learning about different flowers you might find in your garden. You are going to look at lots of pictures and learn some of the names for more common flowers. This is a great opportunity to get out in your garden, or the local park,

and have a look to see if you can identify any of the flowers you have learned about. Can you name any extra ones? If you look at the 'I Spy' discussion questions that I have added below you can answer some of the questions whilst looking at a plant. 


Look at the powerpoints to collect some information. I have had to split the PP as it was too big to add to the website. The second PP has all the different flowers on.  Then design your own park or garden. There is a sheet with lots of flowers to choose from on the second page of the 'In the garden' activity sheet. Will you add any trees? What about somewhere to sit and enjoy the space? What else would you like to see in the outdoor space? Remember to include lots of different flowers and LABEL them carefully and neatly. 


If you want to find out anything else about garden plants and flowers check out the BBC guide.