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Summer 1 Week 3 Monday 4th May

Good Morning Year 1,

Hope you are all well and enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend. From this week Mrs Taylor and I will be doing just one page per week on the website so everything you will need for the week will be in one place smiley

Mrs Taylor has added the phonics work in the folders below so you can see what you should be doing this week. Thank you to those of you who have sent us photos of your work again this week. It's so lovely to see, thank you. 


It is a special week this week so we have tried to share some themed resources with you. On Friday we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE day. Although our children are still young we feel it is important that they understand the importance and relevance of this day. So this week enjoy finding out about what VE day is all about and make decorations for your house. We can't celebrate it in the style we had planned but I am sure we can do some of our own special activities. My boys and I are going to do some art work and bunting for our windows and on Friday (weather permitting) we are going to have our own street party in the front garden! We would love to see what you get up to and how you are celebrating so please send us some photographs. 


You may have seen this on social media but thought it was worth sharing. It is just an idea of how you could spend the day on Friday. 

ENGLISH/HISTORY/ART - A celebration of the 75th Anniversary of VE day 

Use the following resources to find out a little more about what happened on VE day in 1945. Read through the powerpoint and factfile and discuss together. There are a couple of differentiated reading comprehension that can also be read and discussed. On the powerpoint there are some suggestions of follow up activities that you might like to try.


I have also included an example of a diary extract from 1945 with questions attached. Again this needs to be read and discussed with your child. Then they could have a go at writing their own diary entry imagining they had been outside the palace gates, or listening to the radio on VE day. 

The following You Tube link is a great video to share with your children. Watch it up until 6.16 and discuss together.

Why is it in black and white?

What is everyone waving?
Why are people cheering and singing?
What are their clothes like? How are they different to ours?

Did you spot a young Queen Elizabeth? What was she wearing? Why?

Have you ever seen crowds like that? When/why?

VE day art/crafts/decorations

There are also some great ideas linked here on The British Legion site. There is a kids pack if you scroll down to the bottom that you can download and print for free. They are also encouraging us all to display a Tommy in our windows. Perhaps you could download one or get creative and draw your own!!