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Summer 1 Week 2 Thursday 30th April

Thank you so much to those of you who have had a go at the computing task. Well done to those of you who have already sent me an email! I have included the task again below for those of you who haven't had a go at it yet! 


Don't forget that I would love to see you enjoying your healthy sandwiches which you still have 2 more weeks to have a go at! At the moment, I enjoy cheese, mayonnaise and salad on my sandwiches. What is your favourite?


I have included plenty of activities. It would be great if you could have a go at something from each section - Please do not try to do everything!  I am aware that sometimes there is a lot to print out so some of the activities can just be looked at on screen. The Phonics/ Handwriting and Spellings tasks are now at the bottom of the page but please try to do a little on these most days if possible. 


I would love to be enjoying all our work in school with you  but hopefully you will enjoy doing some of the tasks at home with your parents! I love to see what you have all been up to at home and reading the emails your parents send. I especially enjoy looking at the photos! 


lots of love

 Mrs. Taylor



This weeks task is in the form of a powerpoint and can be printed out or you might want to just look at the slides and talk through the answers. (Some slides are the answers so if printing, you will only need slides 2, 4 and 6.)

Slides 8,10 and 12 are reasoning problems. You only need to choose one of these as they are similar problems with slide 10 being the easiest and 12 the most difficult. 

From last week:-

I would like the children to explore capacity. They will need to do this practically. I have attached a sheet which is fairly easy but does give an idea of some of the initial terms they should be using. However, it would be much more meaningful if they could experience lots of pouring liquids from one container to another. Ask them questions such as:

How many cups fill this jug? How many jugs fill the bottle? If 2 jugs fill the bottle, how many cups would you need? Which of these three containers hold most (have the largest capacity)? How can we test this? Which glass is full? empty? half full/empty? a quarter full?

(You could also use sand to explore this if you have a sand pit)

I would love to see photos of your practical work! 


Have fun! 


I have had a look at some of the available online learning from Oak learning academy and bbc schools. However, the work on measures included is work that we have already covered in class earlier in the year. 


Reading tasks       KATIE MORAG


Watch, enjoy and talk about some of the episodes of the Katie Morag stories available on bbc iplayer  or read stories if you have copies of any of them at home.  Think about ways in which life on an island is different to life here. Are some things the same?


I have also  included some activities that you might like to try.


  • Draw a picture of Katie Morag. Add labels to describe her and write a little about her character
  • Watch (read) a Katie Morag story and talk about it with an adult. Have a look for places from the story on your map of Struay.
  • Draw a story map of the story you have read/ watched (example below)


I am afraid that Mrs. Jennings and I have really struggled to be able to share with you the Katie Morag stories we would normally use in class. This is a shame as there are some lovely activities we could do! There are a few episodes available on iplayer but those we would normally use are not there! They are available in other formats (at a cost) but we would be unable to share them and some of the You tube versions would probably be breaking copyright laws if I gave you the links! 





More about The Island of Coll

Have a go at comparing Life on Coll with Life where we live using the information from the powerpoint (in non-worldwide pandemic times!)

Write/ draw your ideas on the sheet. 



Design and Technology  MAKE A SANDWICH

This half term we are looking at making a healthy packed lunch for a picnic. The first activity that I would like you to have a go at is  designing and making a healthy sandwich.


I would like you to complete this activity over the next 3 weeks so it's up to you when you do this! . You could ask your parents to take photos of you making/enjoying your sandwiches and send them to me.


Have a look at the 'Eat well plate' on this link. (Don't worry too much about the information underneath!) and talk about the foods in each section. Remember that we talked about different food groups when Harold the giraffe came to visit in the van! Do you remember the song Harold sang. It is at the bottom for you to listen to!


The link below is for a series of activities from the Warburtons site. 

There is a video to watch and then some follow up activities to be done on paper leading up to making a sandwich and then writing a series of instructions so that others can follow your recipe. Remember, you have a while to do this so your parents can help you to decide when to do each part)





The Purple Mash email challenge! (as last week)


Well done to those of you who have sent an email already!


Log in to Purple Mash and find the 2email icon in the computing section. When you click on this, you should see that there are 2 emails in your inbox. One from me and one from Mrs. Jennings. (They're quite old now!) Click on them to read them and have a go at writing a reply. Just a few words or a quick 'hello' will be fine- You will have completed the challenge! 


A bit harder...

Send a message to a friend

To write a new message, click on the little envelope icon at the top. Start writing the name of someone in our class to write a message to and their name should be there. (or you can click on the magnifying glass to get a list of names) Click on their name and write your message in the box. Don't forget to press send. Hopefully your friend will see they have a message in their alerts and answer you! 


You might also...

Try to add in an attachment. See if you can work out how to do it! 


Important message to parents:

The children can only write messages to their teachers or their friends in Year 1. When they are reading a message they have been sent there is a 'report to teacher' option at the bottom of the screen. They DO NOT need to use this function. ALL emails have to be authorised by myself or Mrs. Jennings before they reach their destination. 

(I have not set up any other 'todo' tasks on Purple Mash this week but the children can of course continue to explore activities)


Note to parents.....

Email challenge!

 This week I would like the children to have a go at sending an email using Purple Mash. 

I have attached some guidance at the bottom. I apologise for the poor quality but the user guide is far too lengthy to attach so I have just shared the parts I think you may need (You probably wont need them)


The children all have their own Purple mash log in and password. The children who were in school before we finished have them inside the front cover of their reading record. If your child does not have one, please email myself or Mrs. Jennings and we can forward this to you. 

Daily Phonics/ Spelling /Handwriting

It would be great if the children could do a few minutes on these activities each day between today and next Thursday if possible rather than in one go but whatever you can get through is fine!

This week's Spellings

Have a look at week 2 spellings on the sheet


Have a go at some of these sheets. No more than one sheet in any one day, please and TAKE YOUR TIME! 

Mrs Taylor / Mrs Jennings' Phonics group

This week, we would like you to look at the activity on the 'phonicsplay, site looking at alternative spellings for 'oa'. Click on the link to open the online activities. 

The attached documents below can be printed off for the children to complete their own investigations. We would suggest that the children have a go at highlighting all the 'oa' sounds on the phoneme spotter story sheet before looking at the on screen version which gives the answers! We have worked on similar activities in class so the children should have a good idea of what they need to do! 

Then have a go at the word sorting activity - copy the words from the sheet onto the sorting grid. This can also be done using the interactive activity. 

Finally, they can think about which spelling is used the most in their investigation and then look at the 'Best bet' sheet to compare. 



MissCooper's Phonics group

Choose some or all of these activities:-

  • Make sure that you can recognise all the digraphs on the flashcards(same as last week) Practise reading them on screen or print out and cut up! (same as last week) 
  • Have a go at Phonics activity mat 3 
  • Play Buried Treasure (Phase 4)
  • Have a go at the tasks in the Activity booklet (You might want to print off just the pages you want to have a go at. This is intended to be printed 2 sided to make a booklet!)