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Summer 1 Week 2 Monday 27th April

Good Morning Year 1, I hope you are all well and had a good week last week. I hope you managed to complete some of the work we set for you. Don't forget to email us to let us know how you are getting on, especially if we haven't heard from you yet! Thank you to those of you who sent us some photographs of your work, it was lovely to see. 


I have set up some links to our English and Maths work for this week. Let me know if you enjoy doing them or if there are any tricky bits in them. I've also included some handwriting, science and music ideas. Enjoy!


I didn't post a photo of my blossom tree last week but I thought I would update you today. As you can see on the photographs below the wind has been busy blowing all my lovely pink blossoms off the tree. At one point last week it looked like it was raining pink flowers!! The grass is also turning pink but that is a job the boys always enjoy doing - clearing it all up!! Look carefully at the tree and predict what you think it will look like in another week or two. We will then have seen a tree in all stages of it's seasonal change. 


Please find the link to the same White Rose site as we used last week.This week is all about FRACTIONS. We did some work on this the week before we finished so hopefully you'll remember what to do. Remember Sir Slice a Lot??


I've also included some work linked to number bonds to 10 as this is something you really do need to keep practising. Try ONE or TWO of the challenges on here OR do something a bit different. Use ten 1p coins to find pairs to 10 or use counters/lego pieces. One game that we've had fun doing to help with our times tables is to use nerf guns! You can chalk on the floor or a wall outside the numbers 1 -10 and when someone calls out a number you have to shoot its pair to 10! 


This week our English work comes from the Lancashire Education Team. They are developing weekly plans for each year group that include links to stories/books/film excerpts etc. This week it is all linked to 'The Secret Life of Pets' so I thought the children might engage well with this. There is quite a lot to do each day so don't worry about completing it all. Choose the activities that your child will enjoy doing. It is important to keep basic reading and writing skills going so please try to encourage them to complete a bit of writing on a daily basis. We would love to see it too please!! 

I have also included a link to the BBC bitesize page as there are some nice activities that you might like to do instead. Any of the grammar ones will be of great benefit to your child. Also a handwriting sheet is included and there is a short video on the BBC page on Monday looking at the curly caterpillar letter formation. 


This week in science we are looking at the different parts of a plant. We also are beginning to think about why plants need to have these different parts. Look at the Powerpoint and complete one of the activities attached. The first choice of activity is the one we would have done in school and the instructions (and an example)  for this is at the end of the Powerpoint.  I have also included a short video looking at the functions of the different parts.


One of the things I'm really missing at the moment is taking part in music and singing sessions. I miss singing with you, in assembly, with the school choir and with the choir I go to outside of school at the hospice. I know some of you enjoy singing and music making as much as me so I've linked the BBC lesson on singing for you to do. But don't think it has to be limited to that! If you have some percussion  instruments as home use those if not a pan and wooden spoon will do!! Make up a rhythm pattern to the count of 8, repeat it and then change to a different pattern. Maybe you could play it during the Thursday night 'Clap for the NHS.' Or put on your favourite song and sing along to it, can you clap, play, bang a rhythm to match it. Sing, play and have fun!