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Stone Age

The Stone Age


During our stone age topic we looked at timelines of pre-historic life.  We learned how stone age people lived.  Cave drawings found today help give us a picture of how stone age man hunted animals. We learned that they would have hunted large animals in their tribes using tools they had made themselves out of stones, wood, and flint. 


We created our own cave paintings using pastels, charcoal and chalk.


We looked at Skara Brea to help give us a better idea of how Stone Age people lived.  Skara Brea helped us learn about how they made tools and used them to build their homes, what their homes would have been like, what crafts they may have learned and how their villages were made.  We made our own posters showing all the information we found out.

The Woolly Mammoth


What can you do with your left over milk cartons? 


In year 3 we created our own amazing Woolly Mammoths!  Take a look at them below.