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If you would like a change from forces, have a look at these home learning activities which take you through how plants reproduce.  This is something we missed covering in Science when school closed and there are practical suggestions that you could do at home. 

Wednesday 10th June

Introduction to machines - forces at work!

I have uploaded a few things here:

The 'Machines' powerpoint is great to give you an introduction to different methods, and later on, to explore how they all work in more depth. Use this throughout your learning- the film clips are brilliant.

This week I suggest focusing on levers.  Watch the clips, study the slide show on levers and try out the practicals if you can at home.  Send me any photos or clips as this will really help others to learn!


4th June: Design and make a boat - using all of your forces knowledge

Tuesday 19th May: Use this fantastic slide show to help you understand the difference between weight and mass. Try out the activities and watch the clips!

Friction - read, watch and investigate! Tuesday 12th May (use slideshow view)