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Evolution and Inheritance

Hello Year 6 (and parents),


Before the school closure, we had started to explore the Science topic of Evolution and Inheritance.

We had thought about the ways that animals and plants are adapted to the habitats they live in.

Week 1

Here are two more activities to help you to think about adaptations.

The first is a matching activity, matching some animals and plants with their adaptations.

The second activity is to design your own imaginary animal and explain its adaptations.

Look at the powerpoint and then be as creative as you can!

If you can, send me a picture of your animal - I'd love to see them!

Week 2

This week we're starting to think more about Evolution.

The Oak National Academy has a Year 6 home schooling lesson all about Evolution.

Follow this link:


To find out more about how whales have evolved, watch this video and read the comic.

Then see if you can complete the worksheet.

Week 3

This week it's all about fossils.

What are fossils?

How are they formed?

What can we learn from them about animals and plants that are now extinct?

How do they provide evidence for evolution?


You learnt a little bit about fossils in year 3.

Have a look at these videos and animations to remind yourself how fossils are formed.

Now watch this 'news report' about the History of Life on Earth. Look out for the fossils!

Possible activities:

You could make a poster or a powerpoint to show how fossils are formed.

You could make a model of fossils out of clay or jelly!

You could research and create a timeline of life on Earth showing the animals and plants that were alive at different times in history.

Week 4

We finish our topic this week by thinking about genetics and inheritance.

Watch the video and try the activities.

Finally - how might humans evolve in the future? How would you like them to evolve?

Week 5

A project for the half-term holiday - take part in

The Great Bug Hunt 2020!