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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

Listen, learn, love and laugh as part of God's family


Welcome to Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception)

Our teacher is Mrs Cunningham.

We are helped by Ms Bland, Mrs Butler and Mrs Barlow

Reception (EYFS) Curriculum Information

A big hello to everyone! This is the second week of our ice and cold work, here are some photos to show what we've been doing. I have managed to include a little bit of some work from home too!

January 2021

Welcome back to everyone, what a strange week!

I just have a few photos to share with you this week, it’s been quite hectic in school!

Here’s our Snowman display, if you look carefully there is work from the children who are at home, as well as the ones who are in school.

What a wonderful party we had this afternoon! The children were just fabulous and everyone had a great time. Well done Reception xxx
We had a big surprise in Reception this afternoon when Father Christmas came to see us!
Look at our lovely Christmas displays of candles, angels and tree decorations.
We had delicious Christmas lunches today, with crackers and party hats too!
On a very cold December morning the Reception children re-told the story of the First Christmas, using different parts of the school grounds. A video is hopefully on its way but here are some photos of the children.

It's Christmas time in Reception!

We have been learning about the First Christmas and we are busy preparing for our Nativity play next week.

We have our own tree in the role play area and the children are having a great time decorating it by themselves.

Look at our lovely Christmas tree display too.

We celebrated St Andrew's Day by having a wonderful afternoon of Scottish Country Dancing! We made dressed figures in tartan and made some tartan of our own!
This week has been the turn of the police, with plenty of arrests in our role play area, as well as some great disguises!

We are continuing with our theme of People Who Help Us. looking at fire fighters this week.

We had a great role play area and we have enjoyed playing with small world fire and rescue situations.

We have explored which materials would be waterproof and make a good coat for firefighters too!

This week we have been learning about The Post. 

We wrote a letter and watched Miss Bland post it in the letter box, then when it came back to school we read it again!

We had a post office role play area which has been very popular.

Look at our lovely work on display in our room. There are paintings of postboxes, writing and some super ICT postboxes too.

Welcome back to the second half of term!

We have had a great time learning about Guy Fawkes, there was some serious acting out of the story and some rather scary guards too. Our role play area turned into a very popular bonfire night experience and we ended the week listening to 'Music for the Royal Fireworks' and eating chocolate sparklers!

November and December in the Reception Class

The first week back after half term is when we learn about Guy Fawkes and we explore the fun of Bonfire Night.

After that we have a short topic about people who help us, with some great role play areas to recreate post offices, police and fire stations! Then we briefly explore St Andrew as the first of our patron saints. We end the term with Christmas - spending time on learning about Jesus' birth before making decorations to bring home and having our class celebrations.

What a fabulous first half term we've had! The children are so well settled into school life and we have been able to press on with plenty of learning. A huge thank you to all parents, grandparents and whoever else I come into contact with, I think that these first few weeks have been so successful in every way.

I know that many of the children are very tired, I hope they - and you - manage to have a rest and prepare for the second half of term.

As always, do please contact me if there is anything you need to know, or if anything is concerning you. I know that home time is tricky for us to chat, but drop off is better, as I am at my gate and the children come in gradually. You can of course always email me and I will reply as soon as I can.

Thank you so much for all your support, we really do appreciate it!


This the first of our two weeks learning about Autumn. We managed a walk in our school grounds before it started to rain! Thank you for all the Autumn things the children brought in, as well as the lovely photos of Autumn walks - we enjoyed looking at them together on our Smartboard.


We have been thinking about harvest time. We have had a great time playing in our class fruit and veg shop and we enjoyed tasting different sorts of bread.


Twinkle Twinkle

This week we are thinking about stars, as well as night time and day time activities.


We have made the most of the beautiful weather by using our big wheeled toys, as well as having great fun singing and making music outside.


Everyone is working and playing together so well,

This week we have been exploring feet. We drew round and then cut out our feet, we took rubbings from the soles of our shoes and we drew our shoes too.

We have used our outdoor classroom - look at people balancing on stilts!

We eat our lunches in the hall, they have been delicious!

We have had a great time in our outdoor classroom! Look at our amazing spider work too.
Here are a few photos of our first few days. The children have settled so well and are working hard and playing together beautifully!

All information below relates to last years class (2019  - 2020). It gives you an overview of what the children enjoyed up to lockdown. This year, while following a similar curriculum overview, there will be changes to the content and delivery to meet the needs of the new group of children. Watch this space to see more information and in time see some pictures of the children at work.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Look at our wonderful hats - we have done Irish dancing, tasted Irish breads and played pin the hat on the leprechaun.

We have just had our 'History' week. We explored life in the past, we had a class museum and we even thought about dinosaurs!
This week we have explored the sun. We wrote about how to cool down on a hot day, and we painted and collaged pictures of the sun with his hat on. Our poem for this week is also a song and we are enjoying learning actions to Bring Me Sunshine.
On Tuesday we had a visit from Tanya who is a nurse. She taught us all about how to wash our hands properly.
We have learnt about St David this week, exploring Wales a little too. We printed pictures with leeks, we enjoyed leek and potato soup and we looked closely at daffodils.

  What a great week to explore The Wind after Storm Ciara!

The children found out about different objects moving in the wind, they made wind powered vehicles, and they had great fun with streamers. They even had paper fish races!

This week we explored rain and water. We looked at a painting called 'The Umbrellas' and acted out what we could see.

We blew air into soapy paint to make bubbles and then we took prints from the big bubbles.

We built Lego houses and then made roofs for them. We predicted whether or not they would be waterproof and then we tried them out using a watering can to rain!

We have had lots of Science experiments too, about waterproofs materials, floating and sinking and dissolving. We painted on very wet paper and look what happened to our plate of Skittles when we put water in the middle!