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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

Listen, learn, love and laugh as part of God's family

Reception 2021 - 22

Half termly Curriculum Newsletters

We had a fabulous time at the zoo yesterday. The children were so well behaved and we was lots of animals. Well done everyone!

This week we have looked at books by Quentin Blake. Look at our drawings of Angelica Sprocket and Mr Magnolia. You can even read some new ideas for what can go in the pockets.

We have had great fun celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee!

In our week about ‘Touch’ we painted without using hands!

This has been our 'smelling' week!

We had fresh herbs to smell, as well as some very smelly pots to explore.


We enjoyed the story of the Lost Coin in RE and then we played Hunt the Teddy.

This week we have explored Seeing. We have built and painted with blindfolds on, and we have used lots of different things to help us to see better.

We have enjoyed the story of St George and the Dragon - we acted it out too.

This week we have started to explore The Five Senses, we started with tasting.

We have tasted bitter, sweet, sour and salty things - some of the tastes weren't too popular!

We tasted foods and collected words to describe tastes. 

Everyone enjoyed eating crisps to find the favourite flavour in our class.

We have spent this week learning the Easter story. Take a look at the photos and your child can tell you all about what we have been doing!

Happy St Patrick's Day!

We had a great day. We tasted Irish bread, played Pin the Hat on the Leprechaun and Hot Potato. We made fabulous hats and coloured in masks. We enjoyed listening to lots of Irish music and watched Irish dancers too.

We had a wonderful Class Museum as part of our History work, thank you to everyone who sent in something old!

Look at how fabulous we looked on World Book Day. Mrs Cunningham had a sore throat from reading all the stories the children brought in!

This is our Health Week.

We have been thinking about keeping ourselves safe. We explored things we put into our bodies, things we put on our bodies and safe computer use.  We found out what happens to our bodies when we exercise and we are working on ways to be healthy. We have eaten some healthy snacks and made food kebabs.

We had a visit from Karen, the Life Education lady, and she brought Harold too!

Today we enjoyed some Chinese food. The children had a good try with chopsticks but could eat more with spoons!

This week we have been thinking about rain and water. We looked at a painting called The Umbrellas and then we acted out the picture, then we thought what the people in the painting might be saying. We made roofs for Lego houses to see which ones were waterproof - we tested them out with a watering can. We have explored floating and sinking, dissolving foods in water, painting on wet paper and done a great experiment with Skittles!

This week we have explored ‘wind’. We had great fun with fish races, We have also enjoyed the story of Joshua at Jericho

We have explored ice this week. We looked at ice carefully, we found out how to make ice melt faster and we enjoyed ice lollies to end the week!

What a fantastic time the children have had in their Bikeability Week. 

We had a wonderful Christmas party, including a visit from someone very special!