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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

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We know that you are all missing each other - so we thought it would be a lovely idea to have some pictures on the page. Email pictures to us of what you have been doing and then we can post them on here for you all to see.

Please only send photos if you are happy for them to be published on the page.

Mrs Gregory and Mrs Waterhouse.

Henry has done some super work on planets at home and we love his ideas of creating a time capsule and camping in the lounge!
Harriet's amazing shield!
Look at Harry's fantastic Roman Soldier!
Beau has been working hard at home on the Dr. Seuss books. 
Ella had the super idea of holding her own Sports day in the garden - it looks like a lot fun! Lots of super Science and History work too. 
William has been working hard and doing lots of fun things at home. We think the pizza looks delicious!
Ethan has been doing lots of super learning and fun activities at home. We hope you enjoyed your bike ride!
Olivia has written her own version of 'Green Eggs and Ham' after completing some of the English work. Well done!
It has been fantastic to see all of the things that Isla has been up to at home. Well done Isla you are working very hard! 
It has been lovely to see what Ella has been up to at home. She has done some super work on the Romans and has planted a cucumber plant. Those biscuits also look delicious! Well done Ella!
We love William's idea below of painting some rocks to sell. He has even used it to help with his Maths as he has thought about what coins people could use to buy them! Well done William!
Harry has written a fantastic poem! Well done Harry - he has worked really hard to find some interesting words using a thesaurus.
Thank you Harry, Olivia and Isla for your wonderful pictures of the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon from the 'The Iron Man'. I hope that you enjoy reading the end of the story this week.
Olivia has been busy baking! Look yummy!