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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

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Our Photo Gallery

Here's Charlotte's work all about Touching

Eva-Mae has dons so much writing about The Little Red Hen.

This is just one of the pages from her book, well done Eva-Mae!

Look at how busy Poppy has been again! Well done, Poppy.

Ezra has made Scottish shortbread and he built the Parthenon from bricks! Look at that jigsaw he's done - wow!!

We hope your arm feels a bit better Ezra.

Ellie has learnt all about New Zealand - and she made some Gingerbread Man biscuits too!
Poppy has been having a lovely time
Charlotte has been very busy!
Here's what Ava's been getting up to
Ellie has been working very hard. She had a mini beast hunt and a ladybird even landed on her hand! I love your butterfly top Ellie, perfect for our topic. What super writing too, well done!

Look how busy Charlotte has been!

What great maths with those containers, as well as very complicated caterpillar maths repeating patterns.

It was good to see you celebrating VE Day too.

I like your PE Charlotte, keep on with my challenges!

Look at Eva-Mae's fabulous work!

She has done lots of writing and some maths too. Well done Eva-Mae!

Hello, Miss Bland here! Hope you're all well and keeping safe! I'm missing you all, I miss seeing your big smiles and hearing all your exciting news. I'm loving all the pictures on the Photo Gallery, you've been doing some fab activities and school work. I check the gallery page everyday to see if there are any new pictures 😁 I've been busy during lockdown doing lots of jobs, I've been painting my utility room in my house and painting lots of doors too, I've done a bit of gardening and finally put my garden furniture up so I've been enjoying the nice weather. I've also done a few jigsaws, read a couple of books, done lots of baking and cleaning. I've also been keeping in touch with my family and friends via video call and we've enjoyed catching up and doing quizzes. I've also been doing lots of exercise like going on walks and doing online trampoline fitness classes. 

Keep sending your pictures so we can see what you're up to! 

Stay Safe,
Lots of Love Miss Bland x

Look how busy Charlotte has been! Well done Charlotte.
And Eva-Mae
And Poppy
And Celia
And Ava

What have you been doing over last few weeks? I've been really busy in my garden and with growing plants from seeds, enjoying the sunny weather.

Love from Mrs Cunningham x

Here are some photos from you! Please send me some more when you can, I'm sure your friends would love to see them.