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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

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Monday June 15th

Morning Year 4 families.

I am adding more content for you to have a go at. Remember do some but not all the work. 

I have heard from many of you but not all of you. You can get in touch via my school email. Please do get in touch I'd love to hear from you.


English - some reading and responding activities.

Here is the text for the week. You can also use an online thesaurus.

Mathematics this week. We are continuing with Place Value.
Grammar and Punctuation - Have a go at this. If you get stuck look at the answer to see if it helps you to understand.


This week we are looking at compass directions. I have given you a sheet to explain and some challenge cards to have fun with outside. You don't need a real compass as you can work it out. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. At midday the sun is in the South so with your back to the sun at 12 noon the North is in front of you. 

Computing - I have included some simple instructions for 2 Animate on purple mash. Have a go and make an animation of a face.