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Slyne-With-Hest St Luke's Church of England Primary School

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Hearing, Week beginning 15th June


This week we are learning all about hearing & there are lots of activities for you to enjoy at home.

You can:

  • Look at someone else’s ear & see what you notice.
  • Can you find some pictures of animal ears to look at?
  • Try telling someone something without speaking.
  • Talk about sounds you like to hear, explaining what is good about them. Then you can write some sentences: ‘I like to hear …… because ……’
  • Develop your listening skills by listening to sounds inside & outside.
  • Listen to different sorts of music. You could do some dancing along too!
  • Make up some music of your own, using made up instruments too.
  • Can you make music using sounds you can make with your body?
  • Can you do an experiment to work out how far away you can hear a sound?
  • Watch the You Tube version of ‘Peter & the Wolf’ by the Chicago Symphony orchestra & Bramwell Tovey narrating. If you stop to talk about the story from time to time, your child may well get right into what’s happening.
  • With some help and spread out over time, can you write the story of Peter and the Wolf? Can you add some illustrations too?


The Lancashire Literacy plan is called ‘Over the Rainbow’ and this week’s White rose Maths Home learning is ‘The Princess and the Wizard’, I hope you enjoy them!


Remember to keep up with spellings, reading and PE challenges!