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The Easter Holidays!

As these two weeks are when the children would have been enjoying their holiday from school, we are giving them (and you) a break from learning! 

Mrs Cunningham

Here are some great Maths activities, produced by the people who wrote the Maths scheme which we loosely follow.

The work in Week 1 fits so well with the Easter activities below.

A handy tip -  egg boxes for 10 eggs are very rare, so cut 2 compartments off a 12 egg box to give you 10!

The children are very used to working with 10 spaces in different arrangements - we always call them 10 frames. 2 can be put together to work on the teens too.You can easily make 10 frames by drawing a grid of 5 x 2 boxes. You can draw large ones outside on the ground with chalks too!


This is the work for the week beginning 30th March, hope you enjoy the activities together!

What a strange day yesterday was, saying goodbye to you and your children mid way through a year. I'm really sorry we got a bit emotional - we're usually like that in July - we get far too attached to the children!!

For those of you who missed the last few days, I will put the letter which I sent home onto this page so that you can see what I said.

If any of you want to send photos to share (just of the children in my class), I will put them on here & we can see how you are learning at home. 

Do please keep checking this page as I will continue to add to it.

Love from Mrs Cunningham x